XRP will go up after IBM's deal with Expertus Technologies

XRP will go up after IBM’s deal with Expertus Technologies

  • IBM acquires Canadian company Expertus Technologies

  • Expertus Technologies has been working with Ripple since 2016

  • Partnership could be a new impetus for XRP growth

XRP will go up after IBM's deal with Expertus Technologies

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Tech giant IBM has bought Expertus Technologies, one of Ripple’s business partners. Investors expect a sharp rise in cryptocurrency in the near future

IBM will be able to use the Ripple blockchain to organize payments

Technology giant IBM announced the acquisition of Expertus Technologies, one of Ripple’s partners. According to Bloomberg report, the company will try to reduce IBM’s payment costs with proposed technology solutions.

In particular, the Ripple blockchain is used by financial institutions to make cross-border payments instead of the SWIFT payment system, which can significantly reduce costs and speed up the process of transferring funds..

XRP will go up after IBM's deal with Expertus Technologies

The rest of the details of the deal, as well as the total amount have not yet been disclosed. However, this news revived the cryptocurrency market. The Canadian company Expertus Technologies entered into a partnership agreement with Ripple in 2016. The collaboration was aimed at developing technological solutions for companies in the financial sector.

Note that XRP has overtaken Bitcoin in terms of growth and increased its share in the global market by 2.6% (up to 5.5%). XRP Price Increases 177% In November.

XRP price increased by 22% per day

XRP is recovering quickly from a drawdown earlier in the week. During the day, the cost of the XRP token increased by 22% and exceeded the $ 0.55 mark.

As a reminder, the price of the asset rose sharply after the announcement of the Spark token airdrop. Against this backdrop, XRP broke the $ 0.9 mark and set a new multi-year high. However, right after the snapshot of the market balances, a correction began, bringing XRP back to below $ 0.5.

XRP will go up after IBM's deal with Expertus Technologies

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Well-known crypto-Twitter analyst Michael van de Poppe said the price could return from $ 0.45. However, the news that IBM has acquired a partner Ripple has improved the mood in the market..



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