What coins do investors buy during the crisis?

What coins do investors buy during the crisis?

  • Crypto investors buy bitcoins at discounted prices

  • Bitcoin will become the main investment tool during the crisis

  • American crypto enthusiasts invest in altcoins

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The crisis is not only a period of economic stagnation and decline. It is also a time of new opportunities. Today, stocks, bonds, precious metals, commodities and cryptocurrencies are at their lowest levels and are likely to fall even further in the near future. This is the right moment to buy assets that can bring good dividends in the future..

What coins do investors buy during the crisis?

After the fall of the stock market and the decline in the price of oil, cryptocurrencies and precious metals, in particular, gold, began to be seen as the main investment assets that are still capable of generating profits. This idea was supported by the CEO of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange Jesse Powell, who emphasized that the collapse of the cryptocurrency market is a great time to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at discounted prices..

BeInCrypto asked representatives of exchanges and traders what coins are most often bought by investors during the crisis.

Maria Stankevich, Business Development Director, EXMO cryptocurrency exchange:

“The period of the global economic crisis is the time of the sale of assets. For example, we saw high activity from sellers when the cryptocurrency market crashed. And this phenomenon was quite predictable. Cryptocurrencies are a special class of investment instruments. I would compare it to a convertible or a yacht. They are bought only in the best times, when there is free money, and sold first when a crisis occurs. Therefore, what we call a “sale” happened. Crypto assets began to be dumped on the market. But at the same time, we saw something else: the purchase of coins by investors. In particular, the main coin that is being looked at is bitcoin..

What coins do investors buy during the crisis?

I would recommend investing in bitcoin as the main cryptocurrency asset. And I will also share my observation. Investors are also interested in hype coins. For example, dogecoin, which, apart from the cute avatar with a dog from the meme, has no special value. Nevertheless, investors buy it and just keep it in their portfolio “.

Cyrus Kelevra, trader:

“I believe in bitcoin and keep all my savings in this cryptocurrency. The crisis period is a great time to purchase coins at a discounted price. I am sure that by May Bitcoin will win back its positions and reach the $ 10,000 mark per share “.

As for Western investors, they also bet on bitcoin and some altcoins such as Cardano and Monero..


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