Twitter scandal not correlated with Bitcoin price

Twitter scandal not correlated with Bitcoin price

  • Twitter scandal does not affect bitcoin price

  • Trump has absolutely nothing to do with the Twitter attack

  • Exchanges need to rethink security

Twitter scandal not correlated with Bitcoin price

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The large-scale hacking of Twitter accounts only fueled market interest in cryptocurrencies. Some experts are confident that the attack will not in any way affect the price and popularity of bitcoin, while others, on the contrary, argue that such a provocation only plays into the hands of cryptocurrencies, because the number of requests to Google related to bitcoin has increased dramatically. How the market will react to the attack of hackers, BeInCrypto asked the CEO and founder of the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange and the Kick Ecosystem project Anti Danilevsky.

– How account hacking will affect the price and behavior of bitcoin?

Twitter scandal not correlated with Bitcoin price

HELL.: It will not affect in any way. Such events do not really correlate with price, but a little more people outside the crypto industry have learned that bitcoin is alive and well. For the sake of curiosity, we asked the same question in our communities, and received completely different answers: in the Russian-speaking community, 73% of the respondents believed that the price would fall; in the English-speaking community, on the contrary, 53% thought the price would rise. Well, the result shows that nothing has changed, this news feed has already worked out and this story is over.

– Do you link the hacking of Twitter accounts with Donald Trump’s statement of tight regulation of social media?

HELL.: No, I don’t. It was done so primitive and clumsy, without any imagination, that it is quite obvious that someone from the third world countries did it. Because you could “sell 11 iPhones for 10% of the price” in the Apple account, and “collect donations on BLM” in the Kanye West account, and they would have collected millions, if not tens of millions of dollars. The complete lack of imagination and fees of only $ 100k, plus or minus, demonstrate that it was just that someone accidentally got access, and this someone has no idea what is happening in the world and is not a professional hacker, or maybe a teenager.

– What actions can exchanges take to improve protection against remote attacks? 

Twitter scandal not correlated with Bitcoin price

HELL.: Be protected &# 128578; This is a very big topic for a series of long articles, or even books, about the formation of the information security department that any exchange should have. In addition, constant training of all exchange employees on the subject of security, opening links, using VPN, antiviruses and links that should not be opened. The story with Twitter also clearly shows that employee access should be delimited, and they should not be able to post from other accounts. In the case of exchanges, this is access to money, withdrawals and the admin panel. In general, the architecture of the exchange should include the fact that hacking and social engineering are inevitable, and this must be foreseen in advance and provided so that such hacks could not harm, be one step ahead of crackers..

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