Twitch top manager invested 25% of capital in bitcoin

Twitch top manager invested 25% of capital in bitcoin

  • Twitch Top Manager Says “Rare Opportunity” To Catch The Rally Before Institutions Arrive

  • Exactly how much Puri bought in BTC remains unknown

  • Bitcoin Recovers To Previous Highs After Recent Correction

Twitch top manager invested 25% of capital in bitcoin

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Sr. Product Director believes now is the best time to invest in bitcoin before the arrival of institutional

Shaan Puri, senior director of product for streaming service Twitch, has invested in cryptocurrency. Puri announced this on his Twitter page..

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Twitch top manager invested 25% of capital in bitcoin

According to the top manager of Twitch, he decided to invest about 25% of his own capital in bitcoin. Puri believes that now is a “rare opportunity” to buy cryptocurrency even before the arrival of institutional investors. According to the top manager of Twitch, the arrival of large players on the crypto market will take place in the next two years.

Beginning of the End

Puri also notes that many in the cryptocurrency market expect the rally to end when it reaches the $ 20,000 mark, although he believes that reaching this level will only be the beginning of new growth..

“I think people are expecting a rise to $ 20,000 [and the rally will end] ‘like last time’, but that won’t happen for many reasons!” Puri wrote.

At the same time, Puri agreed with the point of view of some bitcoin hodlers, who claim that BTC is the only asset in which one can “irresponsibly invest” in the long term..

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Twitch top manager invested 25% of capital in bitcoin

Bitcoin itself, meanwhile, is experiencing a short-term recovery to previous levels. At the time of this writing, the price of BTC / USDT is $ 19,108. Experts of the OKEx crypto exchange previously concluded that bitcoin whales were fixing profits while retail traders were trying to keep up with the BTC rally from August to November 2020.

Meanwhile, one of the largest Bitcoin holders, MicroStrategy, reported on raising $ 650 million ($ 250 million more than originally planned) through convertible bonds to buy bitcoin. When exactly MiscroStrategy plans to invest in cryptocurrency remains unknown. Bitcoin reserve in MicroStrategy is 40,824 BTC (~ $ 780 million).

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