Trading volume on Huobi Futures exceeded $ 2.6 billion

Trading volume on Huobi Futures exceeded $ 2.6 billion

  • Huobi is about to launch cross-margin trading

  • Derivatives Trading Volume Exceeds $ 2.6 Billion on Huobi

  • The most popular product on the site is swaps with a margin in dollars

Trading volume on Huobi Futures exceeded $ 2.6 billion

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In two years, the trading volume on the Huobi Futures platform has exceeded $ 2.6 billion. The exchange intends to develop cross-margin trading.

Margin swaps are in demand

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Futures recently released data that showed trading volume exceeding $ 2.6 billion in the two years since launch. The most popular were US dollar margin swaps. They accounted for 22.7% of the total trading volume. In this regard, the site intends to develop cross-margin trading, which will be available to users through the WEB, APP and API.

Trading volume on Huobi Futures exceeded $ 2.6 billion

This strategy is suitable for users who hedge existing positions, as well as for arbitrageurs who want to reduce risks in the event of liquidation, ”the company explains..

The advantage of cross-margin accounts is especially evident in volatile markets where it is difficult to predict margin requirements as part of long-term strategies..

Thanks to cross-margin functionality, cryptocurrency traders are able to maintain long-term positions despite high volatility.

Huobi Launches Options Trading

Trading volume on Huobi Futures exceeded $ 2.6 billion

Previously, Vice President of Huobi Global Markets Ciara Sun said that Bitcoin options trading will become available to users of the exchange in the third quarter. A top manager of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges is confident that options will bypass futures in popularity due to more favorable conditions.

For example, if a user buys bitcoin futures for $ 10,000, then upon the expiration of the contract, he is obliged to redeem the coins at the agreed price. At the same time, if the user buys a bitcoin option for $ 10,000, then at the end of the contract, he may not buy bitcoins if the price of the coin changes. And this is a huge advantage for both retail and institutional investors..


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