The US authorities are confident that China ...

US authorities believe China is helping North Korea launder cryptocurrencies

  • China is again accused of complicity in the conduct of cyberattacks by North Korea

  • In 2019 alone, a North Korean hacker group stole over $ 500 million in cryptocurrencies

  • XMR remains the most popular cryptocurrency for shadow transactions

International consortium of news organizations developing transparency standards.

China helps North Korea launder stolen cryptocurrency, and also provides its infrastructure for carrying out cyber attacks, according to the US

The US authorities are confident that China ...

The Celestial Empire is actively involved in laundering money stolen by North Korea as a result of cyberattacks. It is reported by Reuters, referring to the statement of the Deputy Attorney General for US National Security John Demers..

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According to Demers, North Korea “probably” received support from China, including training in cyberattacks:

“Another thing that is often featured is China’s help to the North Koreans in evading sanctions … in laundering money that they [North Koreans] have received or want to invest in the regime …” Demers said.

Demers said China is actually supporting North Korea with its digital infrastructure to share experiences and training in cyber attacks. According to an American official, China thus “clearly does not want North Korea to be defeated.”.

A hotbed of cybercrime

The US authorities are confident that China ...

In March, the US Department of Justice accused two Chinese citizens of laundering more than $ 100 million worth of cryptocurrencies for North Korea. Reuters believes Demers’ public accusations against the Chinese authorities correlate with similar accusations from the Trump administration due to the upcoming US presidential election..

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North Korea is known as one of the most active countries in cybercrime. In 2019 alone, the North Korean group Lazar stole over $ 500 million in cryptocurrencies. In general, since 2015, North Korea has allegedly stolen about $ 2 billion worth of cryptocurrency.According to a survey by Recorded Future, in early 2020, North Korea increased the number of Internet users by 300% to circumvent the sanctions regime.

The Recorded Future report openly states that the North Korean regime has led to the expansion of opportunities for mining cryptocurrencies, and as the most striking example, the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency is mentioned, which is popular both in mining and for carrying out transactions..

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