The Pentagon Prepares for War on Bitcoin and Generation Z

The Pentagon Prepares for War on Bitcoin and Generation Z

  • The Pentagon has created a scenario in which Gen Z is fighting against the state.

  • During military exercises, Gen Z redistributes funds stolen from corporations and converts them to bitcoin to fight inequality.

  • Exercise takes place amid rising instability in the United States.

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The Pentagon Prepares for War on Bitcoin and Gen Z

Generation Z rebelled against the system, young hackers massively steal money from banks, transfer it to Bitcoin and distribute it to those in need. And this is not a fantasy film scenario, but a real plan for the Pentagon’s military exercises..

Exercises at the Pentagon

According to a Friday report from the online magazine The Intercept, the 2018 Special Strategic Program involving the Army, Navy, and Air Force – or JLASS – suggests frustrated youths are starting the Zbellion uprising in the U.S. in the 2020s..

US military college students used the JLASS series of military exercises to prepare for possible future scenarios.

The Pentagon Prepares for War on Bitcoin and Gen Z

Documents published by The Intercept show that the scenario of the military exercise involves Gen Z fighting against the system due to “feelings of uneasiness and insecurity” caused in part by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Great Recession, and a lack of opportunity.

Rise of the Zbellion

The report details how, starting with rallies and protests in major US cities, the uprising is gradually evolving into a “global cyber campaign to expose injustice and corruption.”.

Rebellion members use malware to steal money from corporations, banks, or other institutions that Gen Z doesn’t like.The funds are then converted into Bitcoin and made available to those in need to fight income inequality.

Despite the fact that Zbellion is only a small part of the exercise, this scenario “is intended to show the likely development of the main trends and their consequences in different regions of the world,” according to documents obtained by The Intercept.

It is also worth noting that today the younger generation is actively investing in bitcoin, considering it to be a protection against inflation amid the global crisis. In addition, according to analysts of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, it is they who will give impetus to the mass adoption of bitcoin, which will cause its growth above the $ 700,000 mark..

The Pentagon Prepares for War on Bitcoin and Generation Z

A start?

While the military exercise also includes scenarios involving African Islamists and ISIS followers, the Zbellion scenario takes place during a period of political and economic instability in the United States..

This week, President Donald Trump threatened to send an army to crush protests – mostly involving young people – that quickly spread around the world after the death of African American George Floyd..

While such military exercises may provide a glimpse into the near future, current events suggest that Bitcoin could be used to fuel protests much earlier..


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