Telegram refused to fight for the GRAM trademark

Telegram refused to fight for the GRAM trademark

  • Telegram withdrew lawsuit against Lantah

  • The company no longer has claims regarding the use of the GRAM trademark

  • Telegram must pay Lantah compensation for legal fees

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Telegram refused to fight for the GRAM trademark

Telegram, the company behind the messenger that is used by over 400 million people worldwide, has withdrawn a lawsuit against another cryptocurrency company for using the GRAM trademark. Now she has to cover legal costs. Bloomberg reports this with reference to the federal court of San Francisco.


In 2019, the company secured a preliminary injunction against small tech firm Lantah, which wanted to issue a GRAM digital coin for the “world’s first limitless market.”.

Then Telegram declared their rights to the trademark for the cryptocurrency, which was supposed to lie in the main large-scale blockchain project of the company, known as the Telegram Open Network or TON. Work on the project began in 2018, around the same time a lawsuit was filed against Lantah.

Telegram refused to fight for the GRAM trademark

Everything went wrong

But in May 2020, Telegram finally gave up. The company had to abandon the issue of the Gram cryptocurrency after a protracted confrontation with the Securities and Exchange Commission over the ICO, during which Telegram raised $ 1.7 billion.

The SEC concluded that in October 2019, Telegram conducted an unregistered sale of securities under the guise of an ICO. The company, confident that the token sale was organized correctly and without violations, fought with the SEC for several months.

However, under the terms of a contract with investors, the company was supposed to launch its network in May this year. When this did not happen, she was forced to return all the money received from the ICO. Two weeks later, the team announced the closure of the project.

Claims with the SEC were formally settled on June 26. A few weeks earlier, on June 9, Telegram had filed a motion to discontinue trademark litigation against Lantah “with no bias and no strings attached.”.

For a detailed chronology of the conflict between the SEC and Telegram, read our article.

Telegram refused to fight for the GRAM trademark

The last nail

Lawyers for Lantah immediately said that Telegram should compensate for “reasonable fees and expenses of lawyers.” Telegram’s lawyers insisted that Telegram shouldn’t pay anything. They argued that a significant portion of Lantah’s legal costs stemmed from its own failed defense strategy. Ultimately Telegram managed to secure a preliminary injunction against the use of its trademark..

However, the court came to a different conclusion. He ordered Telegram to pay Lantah’s legal fees and overturned the preliminary injunction.


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