Rospotrebnadzor calls to refuse ...

Rospotrebnadzor calls for abandoning cash due to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Russia officially called on to abandon paper money during a pandemic

  • The Bank of Russia is considering the issue of a digital ruble

  • The digital asset market was best able to withstand the global crisis, according to Circle

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Rospotrebnadzor urges to refuse ...

Rospotrebnadzor urged Russians to give up cash due to the worsening situation around coronavirus infection

Rospotrebnadzor announced the threat of coronavirus infection through banknotes. This was reported on the official website of the federal service. According to the research of the State Research Center “Vector”, banknotes and coins of various denominations are one of the carriers of infection “in connection with the process of continuous movement of banknotes in cash”.

“… on the surface of banknotes the virus retains its infectivity for at least 1 day, on the surface of coins – at least 3 hours,” Rospotrebnazdor said.

The department has already called for a non-cash settlement.

Rospotrebnadzor urges to refuse ...

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International recognition

The threat of using paper money was reported by the Iranian Ministry of Health in early March. Then the head of the department called on citizens to avoid using paper money in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

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Earlier, in February 2020, the central bank of China completely removed from circulation the yuan worth over $ 1 billion for sanitization. As the authorities of the Celestial Empire explained then, they intended to keep in a 14-day quarantine paper banknotes that were in circulation in the regions of the country most affected by the virus..

Preparing the soil

Rospotrebnadzor calls to refuse ...

The recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor to refrain from cash appeared a couple of days after the official announcement of the Bank of Russia about the beginning of public consultations on the issue of the digital ruble. The decision to study the issue of digital currency in more detail, according to the regulator, is associated with the formation of a request from the public “to increase the speed, convenience and safety” of payments.

The potential advantage of digital assets was previously noted by the head of Circle, the issuer of the USDC stablecoin, Jeremy Aller. In the midst of the pandemic, he stated that the all-digital, blockchain-based monetary infrastructure did not fail and continued to function despite the global crisis..

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