Roger Ver hints at a split within Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver hints at a split within Bitcoin Cash

  • According to Roger Vera, Bitcoin Cash Developers Behave Like Bitcoin Maximalists.

  • Former CEO said that if BCH developers insist on limiting the block size to 32MB, it will go offline.

  • Ver says end users don’t care about decentralization and censorship-resistant payment channels.

  • Roger Ver hints at a split within Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent and former CEO Roger Ver hinted at possible controversy over the future BCH block size limit.

Recently in a podcast by Isaac Morehouse, Ver commented on the mindset of some Bitcoin Cash developers, comparing them to the rhetoric of colleagues on the BTC network..

Roger Ver hints at a split within Bitcoin Cash

According to Vera, the nascent maximalism towards Bitcoin Cash would mean not updating the protocol, which would allow block sizes over 32MB. And while Ver doesn’t want to leave BCH, he added:

“Overall, I don’t think this [BCH block size limit] is a real problem […] If we reach 32MB and they [BCH developers] start saying it’s big enough, that’s it, I have enough cryptocurrency, [and] at that moment I would be done with it “.

Block size controversy is the main reason for contention between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV (BSV) hardfork supporters.

Roger Ver hints at a split within Bitcoin Cash

In an interview, Ver also said that end users of payment systems are unlikely to care about decentralization. Former CEO says technology efficiency, not innovation, drives retail.

As previously reported by BeInCrypto, Bitcoin Cash performance within the blockchain has been declining since the first halving in April. Due to almost zero economic activity on the BCH network and a sharp drop in hashrate, the network is more vulnerable to a 51% attack risk.


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