Robinhood left traders without market access again

Robinhood left traders without market access again

  • Robinhood has a system crash

  • Users could not access their accounts

  • Currently, the systems are restored

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Robinhood left traders without market access again

On Thursday, startup Robinhood reported technical problems that prevented clients from trading stocks and options, as well as executing transactions with cryptocurrencies..

The team quickly responded to the major failure and fixed the issues. Now all systems are operating normally, as evidenced by the entry on the status page.

“We ran into problems in providing services and are trying to figure it out,” tweeted the creators of a free investment app that is primarily used by young people..

Robinhood said it is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Robinhood left traders without market access again

Robinhood went offline …

Although the company itself provided little data, many customers have complained about the inability to log into their online accounts. There have also been complaints about slow download speeds, lack of access to certain features, or problems trading certain asset classes in the free app. Other users noted that they do not see the balance on their accounts.

Then the company reported that the problem was found and they are trying to fix it..

According to the latest data, the application restored services after a “system failure” blocked users from accessing accounts.

We have encountered problems with third party services. This led to a deterioration in the application’s performance during transactions and transactions. We were able to fix the issue at 9:39 AM PST.

The company confirmed that the systems were fully restored, and also apologized for the concern and thanked users for their patience..

Robinhood left traders without market access again

Robinhood has over 13 million customer accounts, and the company has a market value of over $ 8 billion after another round of funding. It is popular with young people who value simplicity and the ability to trade various asset classes without commissions and without unnecessary formalities..

… not for the first time

A major crash in the application happened in March this year. Then Robinhood went offline for two days. Many of the users were very frustrated trying unsuccessfully to find out the results of their trading. Customers complained about lack of access to accounts and long waiting times for service.

According to Robinhood, the two-day crash of the popular no-fee stock trading app was caused by “instability” in the infrastructure that prevented the systems from communicating with each other..


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