Robert Kiyosaki again advises ...

Robert Kiyosaki again advises buying bitcoin instead of gold

  • Kiyosaki advises investing in bitcoin, not gold

  • Previous book author "Rich dad, poor dad" recommended investing in gold

  • Kiyosaki predicts a rise in the price of cryptocurrencies

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Robert Kiyosaki again advises ...

Investor and bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki seems to have changed his stance on gold and is now advising buying bitcoin.

Buy bitcoin, at least a little

Investor and author of books on business and investing, Robert Kiyosaki, recommends that everyone buy Bitcoin every month, allocating at least a few hundred dollars for this. He wrote about this on his Twitter page..

“The Bitcoin boom has left gold and silver behind. What does it mean? This means buying as much as you can. The train is leaving. The dollar is dying. Silver is still available to everyone. What matters now is how much gold, silver or bitcoin you have, ”wrote Kiyosaki.

He made such a statement after the cost of bitcoin exceeded $ 16 400. Against the background of the growth of cryptocurrency, the cost of gold, on the contrary, fell back to the levels of 2011 and today does not exceed $ 1876 per troy ounce.

Robert Kiyosaki again advises ...

Judging by the comments on the post, not all users share Kiyosaki’s opinion about bitcoin. For example, the user @ u_5580 wrote the following:

“The money that will be lost when BTC is zero will be the final nail in the coffin of the current system. Ultimately, the middle class will lose its wealth, which will spill over to the richest 0.01%. Don’t do this, people! BTC is a scam! ”.

However, there were also those among users who fully support investments in cryptocurrencies. For example, @Set_for_life wrote that “Bitcoin will rise to £ 20,000 by the end of the year and to £ 400,000 in 5-10 years. Buy? You’d better buy it, or you can just be left with nothing, it all depends on you “.

Many Kiyosaki subscribers wondered where exactly they can buy bitcoin, since they have no idea how exchanges work..

Investing in gold is no longer relevant

Let’s remind that earlier “rich dad” changed his attitude to cryptocurrency several times. In particular, in April this year, Robert Kiyosaki already advised investing in bitcoin. In particular, he called for saving money in the face of the global financial crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic. And, according to the investor, savings should be kept not in fiat currency, but in bitcoins.

Robert Kiyosaki again advises ...

In July, when gold reached record prices, exceeding the $ 2,100 mark, he announced that investments in the precious metal were more profitable, and in August he warned his subscribers about the impending banking crisis and advised them to stay away from investing in financial sector shares, preferring gold. , silver and bitcoin.

According to the author of the cult book on investing “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, the IMF is already forecasting the growth of world debt from $ 6 trillion to $ 66 trillion. Therefore, the dollar cannot be considered a defensive asset. Kiyosaki recommends investing in silver, gold and bitcoin.




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