Norwegian millionaire killed his wife ...

Norwegian millionaire murders wife and claims she was kidnapped by crypto extortionists

  • The billionaire’s wife, kidnapped a year and a half ago, was never found

  • Police suspect husband of planned murder

  • Monero demanded as a ransom to divert eyes

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Norwegian millionaire killed his wife ...

A year and a half ago, the Norwegian police were looking for the wife of the local millionaire Tom Hagen, who was allegedly kidnapped and demanded a ransom in Monero cryptocurrency. Now the investigation thinks that Hagen himself killed his wife and tried to cover his tracks..

The disappearance of Anna-Elisabeth Hagen was initially investigated as a kidnapping and ransom demand. Alleged attackers promised to return the millionaire’s spouse if he pays them $ 10 million in privacy-focused Monero cryptocurrency.

But during the investigation, the police came to the conclusion that the husband himself killed his wife and tried to cover up his tracks..

Norwegian millionaire killed his wife ...

Strange kidnapping

A year and a half ago, no one could understand what happened to 69-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. She disappeared from her home in a suburb of Oslo on the morning of October 31, 2018. However, the police only reported this to the press ten weeks later when kidnapping was suspected..

A ransom note – $ 10 million in monero – was left at the crime scene. The Norwegian edition VG wrote that the kidnappers threatened to kill the victim if the police intervened. That’s why the authorities kept everything a secret for so long..

New turn

Since then, however, things have taken a new turn. At first, the police claimed that they had managed to establish contact with the abductors. During 18 months of investigation, the police turned to the FBI for help, attracted police dogs from Sweden and watched 6,000 hours of video.

But in June 2019, when all searches were unsuccessful and the alleged kidnappers were unable to confirm that the victim was indeed theirs, the authorities changed the main version, stating that the victim was most likely dead, and the ransom letter was an attempt lead the investigation along the wrong path. At the same time, the police began to secretly develop Tom Hagen.

According to the report, the Norwegian police have followed him closely since last summer. They believed that he had carefully prepared the murder of his wife for several months, and may have acted more than one.

Norwegian millionaire killed his wife ...

Hagen was arrested Tuesday morning on his way to work, VG reported. Later that day, Police Inspector Tommy Broske said at a press conference, “There were no abductions, no real negotiators or real negotiations.”.

Tom Hagen’s fortune is estimated at 1.9 billion kronor ($ 161 million). In 1991 he founded the energy company Elkraft, now he owns 70% of the shares of this company.

Monero (XLM) is a cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote protocol, focused on increased transaction privacy. The coin appeared in April 2014 as a result of the Bytecoin fork. Now it is ranked 14th in the CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency rating.

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