Grayscale Ethereum was the first ...

Grayscale Ethereum became the first cryptocurrency trust to register with the SEC

  • Grayscale became the first investment company with two cryptocurrency trusts under the supervision of the SEC

  • With the new status, accredited investors will be able to access liquidity faster

  • The company’s reserve already has over $ 5 billion in bitcoin

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Grayscale became the first company to register an Ethereum trust with the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Grayscale Ethereum was the first ...

The Grayscale Ethereum Trust has officially become the first Ethereum trust to be registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company announced this in an official press release..

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As a reporting company, the trust will begin providing accredited investors with access to early liquidity as the statutory holding period for shares will be reduced from 12 months to 6 months. Grayscale Ethereum Trust is the second SEC-registered investment vehicle after Grayscale Bitcoin.

Adjustable whale

Grayscale Investments is known as a giant of the cryptocurrency industry in a regulated plane. At the end of September, the investment company increased its bitcoin reserve to 449 thousand BTC (over $ 5 billion at the time of writing).

Grayscale Ethereum was the first ...

The popularity of the SEC-regulated cryptocurrency trust turned out to be so great that potential investors were not even embarrassed by the 300% markup, and in the case of Ethereum, even 700%..

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At the same time, with such a scale, Grayscale is far from the only liquidity provider on the market. Over half of the bitcoins issued in Q1 2020 also went through the Cash App. As a reminder, the interest in bitcoin turned out to be so great that the Cash App developer Square itself invested $ 50 million in the purchase of cryptocurrency..

At the time of this writing, the price of BTC / USDT is $ 11,485.

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