GeekBrains will teach everyone about blockchain development

GeekBrains will teach everyone about blockchain development

  • GeekBrains will educate listeners on blockchain development

  • Experienced teachers will work with students

  • Most students can be employed already at the end of the course

  • GeekBrains will teach everyone about blockchain development

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GeekBrains is launching its own blockchain development training course. Everyone will be able to master not only the basics of creating crypto projects, but also gain in-depth knowledge and experience in deploying smart contracts, as well as get a complete understanding of the legal regulation of cryptocurrency.

For beginners and not only

GeekBrains will teach everyone about blockchain development

GeekBrains announced the launch of the first blockchain development training course, which will kick off on November 2. Not only beginners in cryptography will be able to complete the training, but also more experienced programmers who want to change the field of activity.

“During the four months of the course, students will master blockchain development. They will learn how cryptography, anonymization protocols and smart contracts work, and will add their first projects to their portfolio, ”the company says..

Students will study the history of the blockchain, its development, and main products. In a practical lesson, they will gain experience with blockchain. Teachers will explain the basics of cryptography, talk about smart contracts and how to create them. Students of the course will learn how to hide well-known transaction details while still providing proof of their correctness. They will be told how private blockchains differ from open ones, in what cases they are useful, what are the problems of scaling. Also, students will analyze the legal framework for working with cryptoassets.

Separately, it should be said about the teachers. Among them are Alexander Zemtsov (architect of blockchain applications at IBM), Ilya Oskin (lead developer at Group), Andrey Tukmanov (tech lead at WowCube) and others.

GeekBrains will teach everyone about blockchain development

The main difference between this course and other analogs on the market is that upon completion of the training, each student will receive a certificate, and experienced HR managers will help to draw up a high-quality resume and select vacancies that correspond to the qualifications of a specialist. This means that most of the students who successfully complete the course program can be employed in the near future..



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