For the money of cryptocurrency users ...

The Anubis virus hunts for the money of cryptocurrency users

  • Attackers have cloned a known virus to steal credentials

  • New malware attacks Windows system

  • The virus is named the same as the well-known Trojan for Android

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Microsoft warns that a new virus stealing cryptocurrency has appeared on the network. Windows users must not let their guard down.

For the money of cryptocurrency users ...

New malware steals digital coins from cryptocurrency wallets running on the Windows operating system. This was recently warned by experts from Microsoft’s digital security department (Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI)).

Meet Anubis, Loki’s clone

The new malware, named after the ancient Egyptian god of funeral rituals, Anubis, is a modification of the Loki virus. It steals the credentials of cryptocurrency wallets and credit cards. as well as other important information for Windows users.

According to MSI, the virus activity was first recorded in June this year. At the same time, it has the name of another powerful virus, a Trojan that has been terrorizing owners of Android smartphones for many months. Meanwhile, the company stressed that apart from the name, the viruses have nothing in common.

For the money of cryptocurrency users ...

MSI stressed that the virus is likely to be under control as the attackers launched it multiple times in separate campaigns and used several well-known download URLs and C2 servers..

Users need to be vigilant

Some websites offer users to download useful information, along with which they download themselves Anubis. The virus steals data and sends it to C&C servers using the HTTP POST command.

MSI promises to keep an eye on him and more accurately determine the degree of threat. Cybersecurity experts, as always, recommend not downloading files from unknown resources and not opening suspicious emails. Loki’s original virus code used social engineering techniques. In particular, the victims received letters with attachments through which malware was downloaded to their computer..

Earlier, the editorial staff of BeInCrypto reported that hackers are launching entire libraries of viruses into the network that can steal cryptocurrencies from users’ wallets. In addition, hackers have learned how to use the anonymous Tor browser to steal coins..


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