DeFi market capitalization exceeded $ 15 billion

DeFi market capitalization exceeded $ 15 billion

  • DeFi Market Breaks New Record At $ 15.1 Billion

  • The recent market rally is driven primarily by the explosive growth of Chainlink

  • The Bullish Trend in the DeFi Market Has Not Done Yet

  • DeFi market capitalization exceeded $ 15 billion

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The decentralized finance industry never tires of breaking records.

One more day, and another billion dollars in the decentralized finance market. According to Coin Gecko, a popular cryptoindustry data aggregator, DeFi Market CapitalizationDecentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based financial services that offers users access to an open, efficient and … More has already crossed the $ 15 billion mark. As recently as the beginning of this month, the figure was 8 billion. Such a rapid market growth cannot fail to attract attention and makes many experts warn about a possible bubble.

DeFi market capitalization exceeded $ 15 billion

The growth rate of the industry is truly impressive. On August 9, capitalization reached $ 11 billion. By the 12th, the market had ballooned to 13 billion. Now, four days later, DeFi is setting a new record at $ 15.1 billion.

The recent market rally was driven primarily by the explosive growth of Chainlink, which accounts for 49.2% of the total capitalization of the decentralized finance market. Chainlink, which has become the leader in the DeFi asset market according to CoinMarketCap, is vigorously rising in price every weekend, and the last two days were no exception – in just a day, the coin rate soared by another 13%.

DeFi market capitalization exceeded $ 15 billion

LINK is now the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. In the first days of August, the Chainlink rate set a record under the $ 10 mark, and today it exceeds the $ 19 level, aiming at the psychological $ 20 mark. Moreover, the growth of digital currency was not prevented by the recent accusations of the project of fraud.

The continued growth of DeFi in terms of market capitalization suggests that this bullish trend has not yet exhausted itself, and new records can be expected in the coming days..


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