Cryptocurrency news for today July 12

Cryptocurrency news for today July 12

  • Bitcoin hasn’t bottomed yet, traders say

  • The reason for the fall in BTC was the Bitstamp exchange

  • Unsuccessful 51% attack recorded on Bitcoin Gold network

Cryptocurrency news for today July 12

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Bitcoin continues to consolidate in the range, while traders are setting themselves to fall below the $ 9,000 mark, judging by the results of the Twitter poll. In the long term, the coin may resume its growth, however, sales are more likely at this stage. The well-known bitcoin supporter Mike Novogratz recalls that a bubble is inflating in the US stock market. The expert drew a parallel with the bubble in the ICO segment in 2017. CoinMetrics experts told why Bitcoin returned to $ 9000 after trying to grow, and Bitcoin Gold developers managed to repel the 51% attack.

Bitcoin will fall, the bottom has not yet been passed – opinion

A poll conducted on social networks showed that bitcoin has not yet reached its minimum level, after which it will begin to grow steadily. While bitcoin slumbers in range, cryptocurrency traders and investors are actively speculating about which direction BTC will go. Specifically, Weiss Ratings recently identified three reasons for Bitcoin’s growth. However, not everyone is extremely optimistic. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today July 12

Bitcoin Gold Developers Successfully Fight Off 51% Attack

The attackers tried to carry out a 51% attack on Bitcoin Gold, but the network developers managed to prevent it. The Bitcoin Gold development team reported on the successful prevention of a 51% attack, which they learned about the preparation a week ago. On July 10, the project team identified a suspiciously long chain of more than 1,300 blocks on the network, which the cybercriminals had been mining since July 1. More details

CoinMetrics Proves Bitstamp Drops Bitcoin Price To $ 9000

Researchers at CoinMetrics said the market plunge was fueled by trading activity on Bitstamp, where the price of Bitcoin dropped $ 150 in seconds, well below the rest of the market. The sale on Bitstamp coincided with a sudden dump of bitcoins by miners. ByteTree shows that miners sold 558 BTC more than they mined in the last 24 hours. This suggests that the miners corrected bitcoin on July 9th, possibly selling them on Bitstamp. More details

Cryptocurrency news for today July 12

Hackers robbed the Cashaa crypto exchange for $ 3.1 million

According to representatives of the Cashaa cryptocurrency exchange, a hacker or a group of hackers infected the computers of the exchange with malware, which issued access codes to the company’s wallets. According to the organization, the wallet that held the exchange’s funds was hacked via a remote attack and 336 BTC were taken to an unknown address, presumably registered in Delhi, India. The security service of the exchange reported that two transactions were carried out, and all the money in the wallet was lost. More details



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