Cryptocurrency games for money ...

Cryptocurrency games for money: how to make money playing Flappy Bird

  • Indie developer has created a new version called FlappyNano where you can earn cryptocurrency

  • Users wager small amounts, and the one who gets more points wins.

  • The developer plans to expand the functionality of the game

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Cryptocurrency games for money ...

The flapping yellow bird Flappy Bird, which took over the world in 2014, formed the basis of a game that allows you to earn cryptocurrency.

Flappy Bird in cryptocurrency guise

There are many different ways to earn cryptocurrency. You can freelance and get paid in digital coins, you can set up a node for yourself or even build a mining farm on your balcony, you can try your luck with bitcoin faucets. But none of them is as enjoyable as driving a plump, unremarkable yellow bird that maneuvers around green pipes..

The mobile game Flappy Bird, which became the most downloaded in 2014 and even began to be addictive, is back again and brought digital coins with it. More precisely, this is not the official Flappy Bird, but it has one advantage over the original: you can earn cryptocurrency here.

Cryptocurrency games for money ...

“Hello! I am delighted to announce the launch of a project that I have been working on for many, many nights – Introducing FlappyNano! “, Wrote the game developer on Reddit.

According to him, the game is somewhat different from the original. Instead of the aforementioned yellow round, a blue ghostly creature appears.

How to make money by playing

FlappyNano is an online game where players place an initial bet of 0.1 nano. The player with the most points takes the winnings.

First, one player sends an invite via a link in the app. After the call is accepted, the third-party escrow address appears in the form of a QR code for replenishment of funds. The game starts after players make a deposit.

You can play on both computers and mobile devices, however, the developer suggests installing the Natrium nano wallet for maximum convenience.

reference: Nano (NANO) ranks 57th in the ranking of cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of $ 116 million.The coin is most actively traded on Binance, OKEx and CoinBeney At the time of writing, its rate is $ 0.876501.

Cryptocurrency games for money ...

What happened to analogues

This is not the first crypto version of Flappy Bird. But the previous option was not so successful. The EOS game – in which players earn tokens on the EOS platform – was much easier to use. According to the DappRadar portal, the maximum number of players – 464 – was recorded a week after its release in 2019. Since then, activity has dropped to almost zero.

Judging by user reviews on Reddit, the new FlappyNano has been a hit with the players, and the developer promises to add new features to the game in the near future. In particular, the game will be able to hold tournaments and even place bets on players, which will make it even more monetized..

Do you play mobile or computer games for money? How do you like this way to make some Nano? Share your thoughts in the comments and join our discussion in the telegram channel.


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