Coinbase is airdropping tokens ...

Coinbase airdrop OmiseGo tokens for Ethereum holders

  • Coinbase will reward its customers with long-promised OMG coins.

  • Long-term Ethereum holders will receive tokens.

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Coinbase is airdrop tokens ...

Coinbase plans to start distributing OmiseGo tokens soon to its customers who have held Ethereum coins in their wallets for the past three years.

The token giveaway comes after user Ldordan Spence (@spencecoin) tweeted a message he received from Coinbase. The letter said that since he had Ethereum coins in his account during the pre-distribution, he is now entitled to a reward in the form of OMG tokens..

Coinbase is airdropping tokens ...

Recall that in July 2017, as part of the airdrop, OmiseGo announced the issuance of tokens to its customers if their accounts at that time had at least 0.1 ETH.

The distribution of the coins was scheduled last September. However, at that time, OmiseGo was not yet listed on the exchange and, accordingly, users could not get them..

Now that Coinbase has officially listed the OmiseGo (OMG) coin, the company will give out coins to its customers as a reward for saved Ethereum addresses. As part of this event, the airdrop made up almost 5% of the total offer of the exchange..

About 460 thousand Coinbase customers will receive belated tokens in their accounts. For every ETH in their wallet, they will receive approximately 0.075 OmiseGo.

Coinbase is airdrop tokens ...

Earlier this month, on May 18, Coinbase made the OmiseGo token available to institutional traders through its professional arm, Coinbase Pro..

Almost three days after that, retail customers gained access to the asset. This event served as a bullish catalyst for ETH, which soared 25% after the news appeared..

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