Bitcoin SV has found a new niche in the gaming industry

Bitcoin SV has found a new niche in the gaming industry

  • Bitcoin SV is most often used to pay for gambling services

  • Bitcoin SV blockchain opens up additional benefits for game providers

  • Blockchain games will develop at a rapid pace

  • Bitcoin SV has found a new niche in the gaming industry

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Gambling companies and online casinos are increasingly looking at cryptocurrencies as a possible payment tool. Several gaming companies have already launched computer games in which fees are charged in bitcoins or ETH tokens. But according to the latest research from nChain, Bitcoin SV has become the most popular payment instrument in gambling..

The company’s specialists have conducted research on 14 of the most widespread and public blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, as well as several closed private blockchains such as Hyperledger. The assessment was carried out on 23 parameters, including the speed of transactions, the size of the commission, the transparency of payments and other parameters. Bitcoin SV was the clear favorite. As the only blockchain to provide unlimited on-chain scaling, it is capable of processing and passing 1000-6400 transactions per second (tps) and is projected to reach 4 million.

Bitcoin SV has found a new niche in the gaming industry

This ability to manage transaction volume has tremendous benefits, the report says. With large transaction volumes, there is no risk of congestion. In addition, transfer fees remain very low, and transaction times are gradually decreasing, and operators can serve their entire volume of transfers on the blockchain without worrying about sudden network congestion that could slow them down..

In addition, the Bitcoin SV blockchain can record data about the sender and recipient of funds, which is very important for game providers, online casinos and other eGames facilities. Operators and game developers can use smart contracts on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and validate data as needed.

Bitcoin SV has found a new niche in the gaming industry

Patricia Bentley from nChain previously noted that Bitcoin SV turns to gaming operators, both for the ability to securely record game data and transactions on the blockchain, and for the exchange of financial value between casinos and players..

In the near future, Bitcoin SV will also penetrate into other industries, including the logistics sector, industry and real estate, the pharmaceutical business, as well as the agro-industry..


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