Bitcoin Costs Nothing: McAfee Has Dramatically Changed His Mind About Cryptocurrencies CONTENTS

  • McAfee no longer believes in Bitcoin

  • A former crypto enthusiast has renounced cryptocurrency

  • The fall in the value of military-technical cooperation could change the views of McAfee on cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is worthless: McAfee ...

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An ardent supporter and advocate of bitcoin, the founder of the empire for the production of antivirus software for computers, John McAfee has radically changed his attitude towards bitcoin. A few months ago, McAfee was going to run for the presidency of the United States, accepted donations in bitcoin and considered cryptocurrencies the most promising means of payment. Several times he personally made statements about the value of military-technical cooperation, predicting a price increase  up to $ 500 000, and subsequently up to $ 1 000 000.


Famous for his scandalous antics, McAfee announced live on one of the TV channels that the cost of military-technical cooperation will exceed $ 500 000 in the next few years, and if this does not happen, then he is ready with his own hand «cut off and eat your dick on air».

Many crypto enthusiasts really considered McAfee to be a supporter of cryptocurrencies and supported his activity with donations in bitcoins. But recent events indicate that McAfee decided to disown the status of a crypto lawyer and take a more neutral position. For example, in a recently published tweet, John McAfee talked about the importance of the social network Twitter, which today has more than 330 million users, including the most important politicians in the world. McAfee also emphasizes that even President Trump uses this service, reporting his decisions to the public..

Bitcoin is worthless: McAfee ...
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In his tweet, McAfee wanted to draw attention to the number of subscribers who regularly read his posts. But such a statement did not like one of McAfee fans. The user openly wrote that people read his posts only because he supports Bitcoin. The computer genius answered this remark very unequivocally: bitcoin is worthless.

I think people follow you because of bitcoin.

— Bran-don (@LovingTruism) April 4, 2020

Bitcoin is worthless: McAfee ...

Such a statement by McAfee seemed strange and outrageous to users. Six months ago, the creator of antivirus programs strongly recommended young people to invest in bitcoin, as one of the few profitable investment instruments, and today he says that cryptocurrency has no value.

It is likely that McAfee’s views on cryptocurrencies changed after the recent crash of Bitcoin, which lost half of its value in a day. However, BTC also quickly won back its positions in the market. Two weeks after its fall, the coin returned to its pre-crisis level and today is trading at around $ 6995 per share. Experts assure that the price of military-technical cooperation can reach $ 10 in May 000.


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