Bitcoin equaled Netflix in ...

Bitcoin Equals Netflix in Market Cap

  • Bitcoin market cap surpasses $ 200 billion, on par with Netflix and AT&T

  • Bitcoin could compete with JP Morgan Chase if it returns to late 2017 levels

  • Ethereum, meanwhile, may approach the capitalization of Dell and Charles Schwab

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Bitcoin’s market capitalization has reached a size comparable to that of well-known and large corporations.

Bitcoin equaled Netflix in ...

Bitcoin is not only the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, but also demonstrates the ability to compete with many well-known global companies..

Bitcoin capitalization hits $ 216 billion, rising to levels unseen since early 2018 amid growing momentum in the current bull market.

BTC’s market capitalization has reached levels comparable to those of giants like Netflix and AT to date.&T who hold leading positions in their industries.

The capitalization peak of the main cryptocurrency was reached in December 2017. Then the figure exceeded $ 300 billion. If Bitcoin succeeds in repeating this success due to the current rally, then its capitalization will compete with such large companies as JP Morgan Chase and Mastercard, whose capitalization is $ 302 billion and 328 billion, respectively..

Bitcoin equaled Netflix in ...

If such a scenario is realized, it will become a real dream come true for Bitcoin fans, who have long been talking about the potential to stay ahead of such large financial institutions as banks and credit card issuers..

Ethereum, launched in 2015, is of course much smaller than Bitcoin. Its market capitalization is approximately $ 44 billion. However, the second largest cryptocurrency is on par with companies like Dell and Charles Schwab, which employ thousands of employees around the world, and their profits are estimated at tens of billions of dollars a year..

Most large-cap firms have spent decades building their businesses, investing millions in building their infrastructure and business practices. And against this background, the successes of Bitcoin and Ethereum look even more impressive..

At the auction on Sunday, the bitcoin rate fell slightly, but managed to stay above the $ 11,500 level. Despite the pullback, the cryptocurrency remains in the mainstream of the bull market and tends to the $ 12,000 mark, which is now the main immediate target of the bulls.


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