BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanasyeva ...

BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanasyeva will speak at Digital Summit 2020

  • Experts will discuss the most important issues of the development of the cryptoindustry

  • A car will be raffled among the participants

  • Over 25,000 participants will join the summit

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BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanasyeva ...

Alena Afanasyeva, head and co-founder of the cryptocurrency publication BeInCrypto, will speak at one of the largest online events in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain Digital Summit 2020.

Over 25,000 participants from 30 countries from Europe, Asia, including Russia, and the USA will take part in the event. The largest online conference Digital Summit 2020 will be held with translation into Russian and will bring together world industry leaders and those who are just starting to be interested in digital technologies. Market giants will talk about innovative products and anti-crisis solutions in the new economic conditions in 2020. An event of this scale will also allow entrepreneurs from the traditional business sector to find new solutions for development.

Conference participants will have 5 days of full immersion in the field of new blockchain technologies and anti-crisis solutions for business with more than 30 international speakers, including:

BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanasyeva ...
  • Coaching star and networking expert Gil Petersil
  • Representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges: Max Keidun (founder of HodlHodl), Sergey Mendeleev (founder of Garantex), Sharif Allayarov (head of the Russian division of Matrixport from Bitmain), Maria Stankevich (EXMO)
  • President of the Republic of Liberland Wit Jedlichka and Bitnation founder Suzanne Tempelhof
  • BHBnetwork Founder and CEO Giacomo Zucco Giacomo Zucco
  • Content Creator, Trader and Derivatives Consultant Tony Weiss
  • Head of Master Ventures Kyle Chase
  • Founder of Terracrypto Nikita Vassev
  • Founder of CBS ONE Kirill Doronin
  • General Director of LAZM Philip Modnov
  • Commercial Director of Migom Bank Evgeny Egorov
  • founder Sergey Sergienko
  • Founder of Bitcoin Embassy Georgia Alex Sudadze
  • Founders of media resources, PR companies and communities: Anatoly Kaplan (Forklog), Jenny Yang (BlockGlobe) Xiaochen Zhang (FinTech4Good), Tatiana Maksimenko (CoinFox)
  • Head of Europe Institutional Business Apifiny Arthur Wieseberg and many others

The conference program includes 8 areas of the digital economy: mining, DAO, exchanges, venture investments, projects 2020, sales and marketing in cryptocurrency projects.

Among the key topics of the conference: anti-crisis cases from top companies, the impact of the pandemic on the market, trading on the stock exchange during a crisis, business tactics in conditions of uncertainty, anti-crisis strategies for the new economy, as well as new forms of self-government and decentralized solutions to prevent a new crisis.

A drawing of prizes will be held among spectators and participants of the summit. The main prize is KIA Sportage Comfort from the general sponsor of the CBS ONE conference. The conference will be moderated by Sergey Sevantsyan and Katherine Ross (Chief Editor of Benzinga).


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